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About Julia Hilleary

Certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1994, and an Alumna of George Balanchine's School of American Ballet, I began teaching in NYC & L.A. at Lotte Berk & Elizabeth Arden Salons. In CA.,The Pilates Studio & City Hearts took me to BHBP, West Side School of Ballet, Marlborough School, Palomar College, Southern California Ballet, YMCA, my studio in Eagle & Mat classes in Star, Idaho.


"Great Teacher!"

I was suffering with sciatic pain for a year, I did not want to take medication or have surgery. I tried physical therapy and Feldenkrais to relieve the pain. Both were somewhat helpful but I still could not ride my horse, do chores, or even walk around the neighborhood without chronic pain. I was actually looking for a yoga class when I found Julia’s Pilates class. I began Pilates in May, 2016. I have been going twice weekly and the difference is amazing. I can ride my horse (number one priority), do yard work, and take walks. These were all activities that I could not do before Julia’s Pilates classes. I have my life back! Julia is a great teacher

Ann K.

"Highly Recommend"

As a former professional figure skater, I've had many different kinds of coaches, trainers, and instructors. I trained with Julia in San Diego, first at the YMCA, and then privately in her studio. She taught me proper form, knew when to push me, and when I needed support. I was the most fit in my 30’s working out with Julia than I’d been since high school, when I was skating 4-6 hours a day. I would highly recommend Julia for mat Pilates, or for instruction using the Pilates apparatus.

Kristine K.

"Building Core Strength"

Julia is a great instructor, very sweet and incredibly knowledgeable! We are building core strength and addressing joint and flexibility issues, she has been a godsend!

Candie K.

"Already Noticed a Difference"

My husband and I have been doing Pilates together with Julia for about 3 weeks. We choose Julia for her private studio and her personalized service since we are beginners. Three weeks in and we have already seen a difference in our strength. If you interested in Pilates, look no further then Julia!

Margaret V.

"A Great Mentor and Teacher"

My 13 year old daughter has been taking Pilates from Julia to strengthen and improve her ballet technique. My daughter dreams about dancing professionally one day. Julia has turned out to be such a positive influence in my daughter's life! Encouraging, helpful, patient and filled with knowledge about Pilates and the world of dance. What an amazing find right here in Eagle! Julia has also shown compassion towards me ( I struggle with a chronic illness and pain). She has offered to help me while working with my daughter, since Pilates could help me too.

Charlene V.

"Exceptionally Gifted"

Julia Hilleary is an exceptionally gifted dancer/choreographer and teacher. From the moment one-steps into Julia‘s classes, it is clear you are in the presence of a true professional.
I've had the pleasure of working with Julia Hilleary over 20 years as the costume designer on her wonderful ballet productions. I have observed her remarkable ability to not only impart the technique and principles of dance but also infuse her dancers with a love and an understanding of the art of dance. Whether teaching classic ballet pieces or her own original work, Julia's choreography was always artful and challenging...

Katherine S.

Love it

"Oh My Goodness, Strength, Posture and Balance! Love the personal coaching! Thanks You Julia!"

Carrie A.

 Joe Pilates called his  physical conditioning excercises "Controlology".
One may take a few lessons to get it. My first lessons with my teacher Romana were perplexing, but I sure felt better afterward, and I danced better too. I was frustrated walking around and back around  for 20 min, while she and our dear Edwina eagle eyed the lessons happening around them and me. I tried to prove to Romana that I actually could walk with my feet pointing forward like a regular person, and control family habits reinforced by ballet training. When she was satisfied that I was figuring it out, I was finally invited to the reformer. Hopeful and fearing I would miss an instruction, I went where I was directed.  I tried to ignore all that was happening with those beautiful everyday NY'ers around me.  People who looked like a millon, folks I had seen at the Gala for the school I attended, just the week before.  I found out then how they always looked so very good, at the end of the day.  I learned how the musicians overcame imbalances caused by their constant practice. I saw dancers gaining enough control to survive their season injury free. I was thrilled to be amoung professionals I so admired. Romana was a master of many ways, especially at not letting one take one's self too seriously.  She gave me a little wink, & we got to work, for my first time, for a long time.

I am forever grateful to Romana, for her incredible faith in people, and in me.  Also to Mr. B. for mentioning her to me, in his quiet, matter-of-fact, you-better-pick-your-ears-up- kind of way.  It was very easy to learn who and where she was.  One never expects that the best & luckiest moments are happening right then.  Romana showed us that, again and again. She proved to you that you could do the work, no matted how weird, hard, or impossible it seemed.

Pilates core work makes it possible to do your session, jump into your business suit and go present at a business meeting, museum luncheon, gallery  opening, school function or volunteer at a hospital with grace & style.  Confidence in one's physical ability shows, enhances our daily lives and keeps one strong enough to climb on to that bus, run up and down stairs, or catch that baseball after we forgot we knew how. Pilates has kept me  strong through many of  life's crazy little tricks, and I have seen folks helped again and again.

If you want to feel strong and able, join me.

If you are strong and able, and want to become more centered and controlled, get in here!

Stretch, strengthen, reclaim balance and control.  

I have over 40 years experience teaching Pilates, Ballet and Physical Placement,
to folks from all walks of life and physical abilities.

Romana & my teachers at the School of American Ballet did their best for me, and I am committed to doing my best for you. (Please don't mind if you sometimes hear their voices escaping my soul!)

Wonderful benefits for everyone.
Breathe, stretch, strengthen, gain physical control and restore a balanced flow to your life.
Drive to easy parking. Walk, jog, or bike on in.
Just north of Eagle Island 

"Let's begin!"​